Chances are you’ve heard a bit about CBD and its potential as a medicine for both humans and pets.

But no matter how many positive stories you hear from other pet owners, I’m sure you’ve still got one burning question:

Do vets really approve of this stuff?

Well, they do.

Today I’ll show you exactly why so many vets approve of CBD pet products and even sell them in their clinics.

Plus, I’ll also recommend a few CBD pet brands so you can get your pet the right kind of relief.

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Do Veterinarians Approve of CBD Products?

cbd capsulesAt first, vets were a bit reserved when it came to talking about CBD for pets.

Remember that research into the benefits of CBD and other hemp/cannabis compounds only really took off a few years ago.

And while scientists quickly began uncovering the enormous potential of these compounds, the laws governing their sale and use always seemed a step behind.

For a long time, there were tough laws that prevented vets from talking about cannabis as a medicine for pets, let alone recommend or prescribe it, even if they were practicing in an area where medicinal cannabis had been legalized.

The laws on the legality of CBD also weren’t clear for a while, and even today many people are still in doubt whether it is a legal substance.

Combined, I think these 2 reasons may have kept vets from talking about CBD or prescribing and recommending it.

However, that’s starting to change.

The law is clear:

CBD derived from industrial hemp plants containing 0.3% THC or less is completely legal all throughout the US.

Since the laws around hemp-derived CBD have become a bit clearer, more and more vets are starting to talk about (and even recommend) hemp-based CBD pet products.

Some vets have even started selling hemp-derived CBD products like oils, balms, and sprays at their clinics.

Canna-Pet, for example, has a vast network of local retailers and veterinarians selling its products all across the US.

Can Vets Openly Recommend Using CBD With Pets?


Since hemp-derived CBD is completely legal in the US, Canada, and many other parts of the world, countless vets are openly starting to recommend it as a medicine.

Some vets are even taking to high-profile news publications to talk about CBD and its potential benefits for animals.

In February 2018, Dr. Gary Richter, a high profile holistic vet from Oakland, California, and Brandon Nolte, author of The Ultimate Guide to CBD Health Oil, spoke about CBD for pets in an interview with Herb (an online magazine reporting on medical and recreational marijuana).

Both Dr. Richter and Nolte made it clear that CBD is a safe, reliable and, most importantly, effective medicine for pets.

They made it clear that CBD pet products can help pets with a variety of illnesses, including arthritis, anxiety, and more.

In March 2018, The Georgia Straight (an online magazine from Vancouver, BC) also featured an interview with Dr. Katherine Kramer, a local BC vet.

Dr. Kramer openly uses CBD as part of her approach, especially to treat conditions like arthritis and inflammation, pain, anxiety, epilepsy/seizures and even cancer.

She also reassures pet owners that CBD is super safe and effective:

In the last five years I have had many, many more happy stories than I do toxicities or problems with CBD. At this point, I can’t imagine practicing without it.

These are just some examples of vets openly recommending and touting CBD as a safe and effective medicine.

If you want to learn more about the safety of CBD, check out my CBD for pets safety page here.

What Conditions Do Vets Recommend CBD for?

young woman vetThe system responsible for managing the effects of CBD is called the endocannabinoid system (or ECS).

Research shows that this system is involved in managing a plethora of bodily processes and helps keep your pet’s system functioning properly.

Because this system is so ample, the positive effects of CBD are really broad.

Some of the most common conditions vets and pet owners treat using CBD include:

For more articles on how CBD can help treat specific conditions or help dogs of a specific breed, make sure to check out the blog.

Where Can I Order CBD Online?

Hopefully I’ve helped you put to rest some of the doubts you had about CBD by showing you that countless vets are approving, recommending, and even selling CBD pet products.

I’ve had my fair share of experience with CBD pet products, and I know there are tons of different brands and products out there to choose from.

Below are my top 3 choices:

My first recommendation for you would be a company called Canna-Pet.

canna pet cbd capsulesThey are the most popular brand, and I'm pretty sure they are recommended by the most amount of vets.

Considering you're concerned about CBD being used and recommended by the vet community, I think this brand is best for you.

They have received a ton of positive reviews, and have a bunch of different products. Their CBD treats are very well priced, and their most popular product is their Advanced MaxHemp Capsules.

If you're looking for a vet approved product, go with Canna-Pet.

King Kanine is another great brand.

king kalm cbdAll their products are marketed for dogs.

What I really like about this brand is that they offer topical products (as well as oils and treats), which I found were perfect for relieving localized pain and inflammation.

My dog who suffered from hip dysplasia and cancer saw really good results with their most potent CBD oil: King Kalm 300mg RX.

Their CBD products have high quality ingredients, and their other dog related products like shampoos and de-shedding combs get a lot of great reviews.

Finally, I can also recommend HolistaPet.

holistapet cbd dog treatsHolistaPet is a newer company, however their reviews are growing nicely.

They offer the best prices on CBD, and they have the best range of treats, even for cats.

If you're looking to save a bit of money, but still want a quality product, then consider using CBD from HolistaPet.

They have a great range of products and I really like their CBD treats. They are designed with extra ingredients that may help with specific ailments. I recommend viewing their different CBD treats here.

And if you shop for more than just treats, you will probably save the most money with HolistaPet.

You can find more of my recommendations on our CBD products page here.

Blake Armstrong
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