Reese The Dobermann

A CBD Case Study on Dog Anxiety

Meet Reese, Our 105 Pound Dobermann:

A Few Months Ago, Reese Was in a Place Where Many Other Dogs Find Themselves...

She was suffering from separation anxiety, was very needy, and was aggressive towards bikes.

She hated bikes!

Reese is actually my sister-in-law's dog.

So after talking with my wife, we decided to discuss CBD with her sister, and I shared all my information.

As you probably can guess, she agreed to start using CBD with Reese...

And talk about a success story!

It's been about 3 months now since we started Reese on CBD. I first ordered her King Kalm CBD 150mg. It's a CBD oil brand that I've used with my own dogs, and have been really happy with.

The oil comes with a dosage chart which makes it very easy to use. Because we're treating Reese for anxiety, and because she weighs 105 pounds, the dosage recommendation was 1ml per day. Again, super easy to figure out with the dosage chart.

This meant that the King Kalm CBD 150mg oil lasted about 1 month. After seeing good results in the first month, I decided to order the King Calm CBD 300mg RX because it has better value.

For a large dog like Reese, going with the larger bottle will save you money.

Why Use CBD for Anxiety in Dogs?

First of all, it's important to understand how Reese got here.

Separation anxiety is extremely common in dogs.

Statistics show that up to 17% of all dogs deal with this condition. Reese had separation anxiety, and other forms of anxiety too.

Some of the common side effects of dog anxiety are whining and aggression.

At home Reese would whine a lot. If you weren't paying attention to her all the time, she would let you know.

And out on walks, if she saw someone on a bike, watch out! She would go nuts.

Normally, people would treat these forms of anxiety with behavioral training, and maybe even medications like Valium, Xanax and ProZac.

But Reese's parents did not what to use these medications, which can sometimes lead to unwanted side effects.

Because of my experience with CBD, this is what we tried first.

I explained how studies showed that CBD produced unique anti anxiety effects and could help control generalized and stress-induced anxiety as well as obsessive behaviors.

I was also honest in telling them that unfortunately, researchers haven’t yet discovered exactly how CBD works to reduce anxiety.

But they believe that by promoting the growth of new brain cells and boosting serotonin levels, CBD can be very beneficial in helping reduce anxiety and fear, as well as improving mood.

They also loved the fact that CBD is a natural remedy and is very safe to use.

So What Exactly did CBD do for Reese?

Instead of me re-telling the story, I will include the email I got from my sister-in-law. She has given me permission to share this.

Hey Blake, thanks so much for suggesting CBD for Reese, and for ordering the product for us.

I wanted to give you an update, as I'm sure you can share it on your website.

Reese has been using CBD for just over 1 month now, and we're seeing amazing results. I would say that it took about a week or so before we noticed much, but over the last few weeks she seems to be a totally different dog, but in a good way. She's still a princess, but she no longer whines and whimpers if we're not paying attention to her all the time. She's so content just laying on her bed in the living room and just observing from there. This has NEVER happened before. Normally she would have her nose banging on your arm for constant attention, but not anymore.

She's also WAY less aggressive towards bikes, motorcycles, and other dogs. In fact it's like she doesn't even see them anymore. I actually took her and Sara out in the stroller and she was so calm. Finally I can give her a proper walk without feeling stressed and anxious. We're so thankful!

I hope you can share this story.

Thanks again Blake.

- Reese's Mom

What's Next for Reese and CBD?

king kalm cbdBecause CBD has helped so much with Reese's anxiety, her owners have decided to keep her on CBD oil, and they see the value in doing so.

Not only is she a much calmer and happier dog, her owners feel so much more calm and safe as well.

There's no more anxiety when out on walks, on long car drives to visit family, or around other dogs.

They recently ordered 3 bottles of King Kalm CBD 300mg RX which should last them about 6 months.

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