cbd for your dog's metabolismI love hearing these stories.

In fact, these testimonials are the reason why I started this website.

I personally saw amazing results from giving CBD to my dogs. I wanted to share our success and make more pet owners aware of the health benefits of CBD.

In less than 1 year of publishing our first article, the stories are coming in, and it’s exciting.

Below are Facebook Messages that were posted in our private Facebook Group called CBD for Pets (you can join here).

Check out these REAL reviews from customers using CBD with their dogs:

CBD is Replacing Traditional Pain Medication

cbd testimonial from coco the dog

Many dog owners are loving how well CBD works for relieving pain.

Coco is a 3 year old Old English Mastiff. She has hip dysplasia and arthritis. She was in a lot of pain. She was also on 300mg of a pain medication called Tramadol which was making here “spaced out”.

Because the surgery costs were too high, her owners started giving her CBD oil…

Within just 4 weeks, she’s become a totally different dog! She’s in less pain, and is experiencing no side effects.

Her owners are extremely happy to have found CBD.

CBD is Safe and Produces No Severe Negative Side Effects

cbd testimonial from Facebook

Here is another story about a dog who's replacing pain medication with CBD, and experiencing much more comfort.

Although I don't recommend you ignore advice from your vet, there are so many stories of dogs who are experiencing side effects from various pain medications... Then when they start on CBD, their owners quickly point out how much better they do.

In this case, Ari writes in to share how her 13 year old Chihuahua is doing after being on CBD for just two weeks.

She summarizes with a really great point for all of us to remember:

CBD may not be able to cure every disease or illness out there, but it can certainly help your pet become much more comfortable.

We all want our dog's remaining time do be as comfortable as possible. CBD has helped so many pets with this concern.

CBD is Giving Dogs a Second Chance

Facebook group testimonial on pet cbd

Here's a testimonial about a dog who was given a month to live, and is still alive and well 5 months later!

Her owner writes in and says that she feels that CBD oil is responsible for keeping her alive.

After a vet visit, they started her on CBD oil and have had 1 bad day in the past 6 months. They are prolonging her life, however she's noticeably much more happy and comfortable which is super important.

The owner also points out that her other dog is seizure free from CBD oil!

CBD Helps Dogs Who Suffer From Seizures

cbd testimonial from cbd for pets facebook page

If your dog has seizures, you must try CBD today.

I can't tell you how many great stories I have read about regarding CBD and dogs with seizures.

Lori writes in to share her dog's story.

Her dog had a very bad seizure and they thought they were going to lose her. Someone recommended CBD so they gave it a shot.

Within 3 days she was practically back to normal, and the seizures have been under-control ever since.

I have personally read so many great stories like this. CBD is still not a cure for seizures, however it seems to help a lot.

CBD has totally eliminated seizures in some dogs, and in other cases it greatly reduces their frequency and severity.

Of course this does not mean it will help in every single case, however given the results I've come across, it's something every pet owner should consider if seizures are an issue.

CBD Has Many Health Benefits

cbd testimonial for pets

Pain relief is a big reason why people are giving their dogs CBD. It's why I started giving it to my dog.

However, CBD has many other benefits.

Many pet owners are using CBD oil for anxiety, stress relief, and preventative measures.

If you want to share your success story or simple ask other pet owners about CBD, please join our Facebook Group here.

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Want to See Hundreds of Reviews?

I know these are just a few examples, however our Facebook Group is getting more testimonials like this every week.

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