Does your dog suffer from cancer, or some other ailment?

If so, you may be wondering if Rick Simpson Oil can help.

In this article, I take a closer look at Rick Simpson Oil, what it is, how it works, and whether it’s safe for dogs.

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What is Rick Simpson Oil?

picture of Rick SimpsonRick Simpson is a Canadian engineer who successfully treated his own skin cancer using cannabis concentrate.

Rick first discovered cannabis following a work injury in the late 1990s.

Working in the boiler room of a hospital, Rick fell off a ladder and was knocked unconscious by a blow to the head.

He first turned to cannabis for relief from the tinnitus and constant dizzy spells he suffered following his injury.

Rick then turned to cannabis medicine again in 2003 after he was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer.

Rick treated his cancer, which appeared as three lumps on his arm, with a rich cannabis extract.

He’d apply the extract directly to the cancer lumps and cover them with a bandage.

After just 4 days of treatment, Rick’s cancer disappeared.

nature's answer for cancer book cover by Rick SimpsonEver since, Rick has dedicated himself to cultivating cannabis and teaching others how to make their own versions of his concentrate, which is now known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or Pheonix Tears.

The process of making the oil involves soaking THC-rich cannabis buds in alcohol, then purging away the solvent until you’re left with a sticky, thick, dark oil.

You can learn more about the oil, how it’s made, as well as Rick’s story, on his website.

Is Rick Simpson Oil Safe for Dogs?

There is very little doubt about the medicinal properties of THC and cannabis.

Numerous studies have shown that THC and other cannabinoids have all kinds of medicinal benefits, including the ability to fight tumor growth.

no thc for dogs signHowever, that doesn’t mean you should be giving THC-rich cannabis extracts like Rick Simpson Oil to your dog.

Pets are very sensitive to the effects of THC and can easily suffer from what vets describe as “cannabis poisoning.”

While it’s not life-threatening, cannabis poisoning produces really unpleasant symptoms that can last for days, depending on how much THC the animal consumed.

You can learn more about THC and its effects on pets here.

I’ll admit that there are stories of dog owners using RSO with their furry friends.

Larry Gabriel, for example, published an article in The Detroit Metro Times describing how she treated her dog’s cancer with Rick Simpson Oil.

news story on using cannabis on dog with cancer
Screenshot from the Detroit Metro Times

Gabriel admits that while the oil didn’t cure her dog, it improved his condition, stopped the spread of his cancer and even shrunk some of his tumors.

“Anyhow, I can’t say Kai has been cured,” she writes.

“[But] he’s still alive 18 months after I was told he would die. That’s good enough for me.”

Gabriel writes that she saw the best results using a CBD-rich Rick Simpson Oil, which has lower levels of THC than the original.

Based on this story and others, it seems like it’s definitely possible to use Rick Simpson Oil with dogs.

However, if you plan to do so, I recommend you talk to your vet and read up on the side effects of THC first.

As Gabriel suggests, it’s also worthwhile looking into CBD-rich oils for your dog to avoid these side effects.

Note: I have never used Rick Simpson Oil. If you’re interested in using it with your dog, always talk to your vet first, and make sure you can access the oil legally in your area. I do not encourage using illegal THC-rich cannabis products on animals.

CBD: A Safe, Legal Alternative to RSO

dog holding a box of cbdLet me be clear:

I’m convinced that cannabis has medicinal properties.

Based on what I’ve read, I also think that there could be ways to safely use THC products with animals.

However, I need to see a lot more research into THC and its effects on dogs before I’ll confidently tell any pet owner to use products containing THC with their pets.

If you’re interested in using cannabis medicine and want to avoid the side effects and legal issues that surround THC, I highly recommend using CBD pet products instead.

CBD supplements like those I review on my website are made from 100% legal hemp extract and contain only trace amounts of THC.

This means they won’t leave your dog dealing with the nasty side effects of THC, but still carry many of the medicinal properties of hemp.

holistapet cbd pet tinctureRight now, one of my favorite CBD pet brands is HolistaPet.

This company makes a wide variety of oils, capsules, and treats for both cats and dogs.

I’ve used a wide variety of their products and love their quality and the fact that they are so easy to use.

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