holistapet logoIf you’ve been shopping for CBD pet products, you’ve probably heard of HolistaPet.

But how does this company hold up compared to the plethora of other CBD pet brands out there?

Well, HolistaPet is actually one of my favorite CBD pet brands.

Read on to learn why.

How to Choose the Right CBD Brand for Your Pet

dog looking at a medication bottleChances are you’re well aware of the wide variety of CBD pet products out there.

Pet companies have been quick to catch on to the CBD boom, and hundreds of CBD pet products have hit the market.

So, with so much variety out there, how can you know what type of CBD product is right for your pet?

Below, I’ll cover some of the main things you’ll need to consider when choosing a CBD product for your pet.

First of All, Get Informed About CBD

Before you go any further, you’ll want to have a solid understanding of what CBD is and how it acts on your pet’s body.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of over 400 organic compounds found in cannabis.

It belongs to a group of compounds known as cannabinoids and is the second-most abundant cannabinoid found in cannabis plants.

These cannabinoids have the ability to interact with your pet’s endocannabinoid system, a kind of signaling system responsible for regulating countless physiological processes and promoting “homeostasis.”

Homeostasis, without going into too much detail, is a state of equilibrium at which the body functions at its best.

The endocannabinoid system helps promote this state of equilibrium by helping regulate our body temperature, metabolic processes, neurotransmitter activity, and much more.

The endocannabinoid system has even been shown to be involved in regulating hormone production, memory, and even our response to stress.

Your pup’s endocannabinoid system, in many ways, is very similar to yours.

Basically, it is made up of:

  • Endogenous cannabinoids. Until now, scientists have identified 2 endocannabinoids: Aanandamide and 2-AG.
  • Cannabinoid receptors. There are 2 types of cannabinoid receptors, known as CB1 and CB2, which are either activated or inhibited by endocannabinoids like anandamide and 2-AG.
  • Enzymes that break down cannabinoids, such as monoglyceride lipase.

Some plant-derived cannabinoids, like THC for example, can fit directly into cannabinoid receptors.

CBD, however, has low affinity for both CB1 and CB2.

Instead, it is believed to activate other molecular pathways in the body which subsequently stimulate the endocannabinoid system.

In fact, researchers have identified over 60 different ways in which CBD interacts with the body.

This might help you understand why CBD has been shown to have so many different effects:

It is a really diverse compound which ultimately effects a very diverse physiological system.

Unfortunately, I can’t fully cover every aspect of the endocannabinoid system in this article.

For a more detailed look at how the ECS works, make sure to check out the articles on my blog.

Think About Why You Want to Give Your Pet CBD in the First Place

There are 2 main reasons people use CBD with their pets.

First of all, most pet owners end up using CBD to treat a specific symptom or ailment affecting their pet.

This can be something as simple as a run-of-the-mill gastrointestinal upset or something as complex as canine Cushing’s disease.

On the other hand, some pet owners choose to give their pet CBD as a general health supplement, much like some people give their pets fish oil, for example.

Make sure you’re clear about why you want to give your pet CBD from the get-go as this will affect their dose, the regularity with which they need to take the supplement, as well as what kind of CBD supplement you should use.

Understand Your Pet’s Condition

dog with stomach painIf you plan to use CBD to help treat a specific symptom or ailment, make sure you understand the effect this is having on your pet’s body.

In all of my ailment-specific articles, I make an effort to explain how different ailments work and how CBD might be able to reduce these effects.

However, don’t just take my word for it.

While my articles aim to inform pet owners like you about the potential health benefits of CBD for pets, I’m no veterinarian.

Remember, the best source of information about your pet’s health is your vet.

Fully understanding your pet’s condition will help you clarify what kind of CBD product best suits your pet and pick the brand that carries the best CBD products of that type.

Some CBD pet brands, for example, have a great variety of oils, while others might have a better selection of treats.

HolistaPet: Amazing CBD Products at Affordable Prices

Once you understand CBD, how it works, and are clear about how you plan to use it with your pet, it’s time to look at some of the different brands out there.

Right now, my favorite CBD pet brand is HolistaPet.

HolistaPet is a US company based in Commerce, California.

The company produces a wide variety of CBD products designed for pets with everything from arthritis and chronic pain to anxiety, allergies, and cancer.

HolistaPet currently has 3 types of CBD products:

  • Oils
  • Capsules
  • Treats

Whether your pet suffers from a serious health condition or you’re just looking for a safe, natural way to boost their health, Holistapet is a great option.

The company makes it clear that its mission is to help pet owners find natural, safe alternatives to traditional prescription drugs to help their pets manage pain and other types of discomfort.

HolistaPet also ensures that its product line wasn’t born overnight.

Instead, it is the result of over 12 years of research and experimentation with CBD to find the safest, most effective way for pets to harness the power of this incredible compound.

CBD capsules from Holista PetAll of HolistaPet’s products are made using full-spectrum CBD sourced from industrial hemp.

Full-spectrum CBD products, unlike CBD isolates, contain all the other compounds found in the hemp plant, including other cannabinoids, terpenes, and more.

Plus, all of HolistaPet’s products combine this full-spectrum CBD extract with organic superfoods such as hemp seed, L-Theanine, chamomile, turmeric root, Boswellia, flaxseed, and much more.

In turn, HolistaPet’s products serve as really comprehensive supplements designed to boost all aspects of your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Why HolistaPet is My #1 Choice of CBD Pet Products

dog holding a box of cbdI’ve tried a lot of different CBD products and brands.

My first experience with CBD came after my dog, Rosie, was diagnosed with cancer.

To help improve Rosie’s quality of life in her final years with us, I decided to give CBD a try.

And, after seeing the wonders it worked on Rosie, I’ve used CBD ever since.

And out of all the products I’ve tried since, HolistaPet is one of my top recommendations.

Here’s why:

HolistaPet Boasts a Great Variety of Products

holistapet cbd pet tinctureHolistaPet currently offers its customers 3 types of CBD products: Oils, capsules, and treats.

Both its oils and capsules are available in 3 different concentrations:

  • 150mg
  • 300mg
  • 600mg

The 150mg oils and capsules are ideal for small pets or those that have never used CBD before.

While CBD doesn’t usually cause side effects, it can have sedative-like effects in large doses.

If you’re trying to avoid these kinds of effects, the 150mg oil is great.

Meanwhile, the 300mg and 600mg oils and capsules are great for larger pets or those that need larger doses of CBD, seeing as these products will last longer than the 150mg variety.

Check the current prices of their oils on the official website here: www.HolistaPet.com

Besides its oils and capsules, HolistaPet also boasts a great selection of CBD-rich treats:

For dogs, HolistaPet has 3 distinct treats:

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief: Combining 5mg of full-spectrum CBD per treat with chamomile and L-Theanine, these treats are great for dogs who struggle with phobias or anxiety. Whether your pet is scared of thunderstorms or gets too hyped up on walks, these treats can help them stay calm and collected. Plus, they come in a delicious green apple and peanut butter flavor.
  • Joint and Mobility Care: These treats are great for older pets suffering from mobility issues and conditions like arthritis or dysplasias. Each treat contains 5mg of CBD plus turmeric root and Boswellia. Together, these 3 superfoods help to drive down inflammation, repair damaged tissue, and reduce pain and tenderness. Plus, your dog will love the pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavor.
  • Heart and Immune Care: If your pup suffers from cardiovascular or immune problems, these treats might be a great option. Combining CBD with blueberries (rich in antioxidants and great for cardiovascular health) and flaxseed (great for immune health and a healthy coat), these treats work as a comprehensive heart and immune supplement for your pet.

HolistaPet is also one of the few companies that makes a line of cat treats.

holistapet's cbd cat treatsEach treat contains 2mg of CBD and boasts a delicious salmon flavor that your kitty will love.

Just like the dog treats, HolistaPet’s cat treats can help with all the same ailments and conditions.

View all their treats on the official website: www.HolistaPet.com

HolistaPet Products are Super Easy to Use

Many pet owners trying CBD are worried about how to dose these supplements for their pets.

And with good reason:

Properly dosing any product, be it a supplement or medication, is super important.

holistapet dosage chartLuckily, HolistaPet’s CBD products are super easy to dose and administer.

HolistaPet’s oils, for example, are available in 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg concentrations (the 300mg and 600mg are actually the same strength, the latter just comes in a larger bottle).

The 150mg oil is designed for pets under 20lbs (or approximately 10kg).

Each drop of oil contains 0.5mg CBD.

Meanwhile, HolistaPet’s 300mg and 600mg oils are designed for pets between 20-60lbs (10-30kg, approx) and 60lbs or more (30kg or more), respectively.

Both the 300mg and 600mg oils contain 1mg of CBD per drop of oil.

HolistaPet’s capsules are available in exactly the same concentrations: 150mg (5mg per capsule), 300mg (10mg per capsule) and 600mg (20mg per capsule).

Meanwhile, HolistaPet’s dog treats each contain 5mg of CBD, while the cat treats contain 2mg.

HolistaPet uses a super easy dosing system, recommending doses of 0.25-0.5mg per lb of bodyweight.

These standards are super easy to follow and help take the hassle out of dosing CBD for your pet.

For more information, make sure to check out HolistaPet’s dosing page here.

View the Official Dosage Chart on their website: www.HolistaPet.com

HolistaPet Has Amazing Prices and Deals

Besides the quality of its products and their ease-of-use, I regularly recommend HolistaPet for its affordable prices.

Right now, their oils and capsules range between $25 and $58, depending on the concentration.

Meanwhile, it’s dog and cat treats go for $27.95 per pack.

Best of all, they offer great deals on their bundles.

Some of these bundles include:

  • 3 x 300mg CBD oil: $108 (save $12)
  • 3 x CBD dog treats (any flavour): $75.60 (save $8.40)
  • 1 x 150mg CBD oil + 1 x CBD cat treats: $48.60 (save $5.40)

Many Other Pet Owners Use HolistaPet

Trust me, I’m not alone.

Before ever trying HolistaPet’s products, I scoured the internet to see what other pet owners were saying about this brand.

And turns out many other pet owners love it, too:

customer reviews

customer reviews
Screenshots taken from: HolistaPet.com

To learn more about other pet owners' experiences with HolistaPet, make sure to check out these customer testimonials.

HolistaPet Alternatives: Some Other Brands are Also Worth Trying

HolistaPet is currently one of my favorite pet CBD brand out there.

However, if you’re looking for some alternatives, make sure to check out some of the following brands:

hempmy pet logo

HempMy Pet

This company makes a large variety of hemp products specially designed for pets. HempMy Pet has one of the most concentrated pet oils on the market, containing 1000mg of CBD. It also makes CBD-infused coconut oil, which combines the benefits of CBD with those of organically-sourced coconut oil. Finally, HempMy Pet also has a delicious collection of small-batch CBD treats, made with all-natural, organic ingredients.

King Kanine Logo

King Kanine

This company has been around for quite a while and has established a solid reputation for its quality supplements and grooming products. King Kanine has a solid variety of CBD oil and dog treats, but the company really set itself apart with its unique CBD topicals, including their Kalm Balm and Soothe Spray, which are great for treating tropical pain, allergies, infections, hot spots, and more.

honest paws logo


Honest Paws

This is a new pet CBD company that makes a variety of CBD oils and treats for both cats and dogs. Honest Paws’ products are specially formulated to offer relief from specific conditions and symptoms. Their Relief Treats, for example, are formulated for maximum pain relief, while their Restore Treats are formulated for allergy relief. Honest Paws also has CBD-infused Peanut Butter, which is a nice alternative to regular treats.

HolistaPet: Great Quality CBD at Affordable Prices

holista pet cbdIf you’re interested in trying CBD with your pet, I highly recommend checking out HolistaPet.

Out of all the CBD products I have tried, I love this brand both for the quality of its products and its affordable prices.

Remember to browse HolistaPet’s bundles and save on its variety of treats and oils.

Visit the official website through the link below:

Visit HolistaPet's Website Here