hempmy pet logoPlanning on trying CBD with your pet?

Chances are you’ve heard of HempMy Pet and are wondering whether its a good choice for your fur baby.

Well, it definitely is.

Keep reading for a detailed review of HempMy Pet’s range of CBD pet products.

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Things to Look for in CBD Pet Products

dog holding up various medication bottles

It can be hard to pick one CBD brand over another.

After all, most CBD brands do a solid job of marketing themselves.

So, how do you know what to look for when choosing a CBD supplement for your pet?

I like to recommend pet owners to choose brands for the quality of their products, the variety they offer, and whether they use full-spectrum CBD extract or CBD isolate.


Anything you give to your pet, be it a treat, supplement, or medicine, should be of the highest possible quality.

This is no different with CBD.

Ideally, you want the CBD products you give your pet to be of the same quality as human-grade supplements.

Now, I understand that it can be hard to tell whether one product is of a better quality than another.

However, there are a few things you can look out for to help you gauge the quality of a CBD product.

These include:

  • The Source of CBD: Any CBD product you plan to use with your pet should be directly derived from hemp. Hemp is a variety of cannabis used mainly industrially to make fiber, paper, and health supplements like hemp seed. Hemp has been specifically bred to have a THC concentration of less than 1% (THC is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis). Always make sure you give your pet CBD products that contain less than 1% THC or, better yet, are THC-free. Also, keep an eye out for brands that use organically grown hemp from Europe or USA. These countries have strict standards for organic products.
  • Other Ingredients: Every CBD product out there will contain something other than just CBD or hemp extract. Hence, you’ll want to ensure you’re aware of these added ingredients and how they’ll affect your pooch. If you're buying CBD treats, for example, you’ll want to be aware of what flavoring agents, colorants, and other additives are used to make the treats you’ll be feeding your pet. When it comes to CBD oils or capsules, make sure you look at what carrier oil is in the product and whether this is safe for your dog to consume.
  • Third Party Testing: This is super important. Always choose CBD products that have been tested by an independent 3rd party. Some CBD brands will even offer their lab test results available for free via their websites. If so, make sure to review these reports for a clear understanding of what’s in the products you’re buying.

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. Isolates

dog who's confused about pet cbd productsYou may have noticed that some CBD products are made using full-spectrum hemp extract while others are made with CBD isolate.

As the name suggests, isolate products are made with isolated CBD.

Full-spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is made with whole-hemp extract.

Full-spectrum hemp extract contains CBD as well as all the other compounds found in hemp, including other cannabinoids, terpenes, and more.

Now, you’re probably wondering which is better.

Well, both CBD isolates and full-spectrum extracts have their pros and cons.

Isolates, for example, are great for pet owner’s who want to be 100% sure their pets do not consume any THC at all.

Any full-spectrum CBD product will contain trace amounts of THC, and some pet owners just prefer giving their pets products that are 100% THC free.

On the other hand, full-spectrum products may offer greater therapeutic benefits than CBD isolates.

This goes back to something known as the “entourage effect,” a theory which suggests that the therapeutic potential of cannabis doesn’t just lie in isolated compounds like CBD or other cannabinoids.

Instead, some researchers believe that the compounds in cannabis can synergize once in the body.

Some researchers, like Dr. Ethan Russo for example, believe that this synergy is what gives cannabis its huge potential as a medicine.

To learn more about the entourage effect, make sure to read some of the following papers:

Based on the research I’ve read, I tend to recommend using full-spectrum extracts where possible.

Remember, as long as you ensure your CBD pet products are made with hemp, you can be sure they’ll only contain trace amounts of THC (typically less than 0.3%) which isn’t enough to produce psychoactive effects in your pet.

In fact, CBD extracts are diluted post extraction in carrier oils, so they’ll generally contain even less than 0.3% THC.

HempMy Pet: Top-Shelf, Full-Spectrum CBD Products Designed Specifically for Pets

product display from hemp my pet
Image Source: HempMyPet.com

Now that I’ve covered some of the basics you should look for when shopping for CBD products for your furry friend, let’s take a closer look at HempMy Pet.

HempMy Pet is a pet CBD company based in Longmont, Colorado, USA.

Like most other CBD pet brands, it currently produces CBD tinctures and treats.

However, it also boasts unique equine sprays which contain large concentrations of CBD and are specially designed to be used with horses.

Plus, it's one of the few companies that also makes CBD-infused coconut oil.

In doing so, they really give their customers an extra option of how to administer CBD to their pets.

Why HempMy Pet is One of My Favorite CBD Pet Brands

HempMy Pet makes it clear that it is invested in creating top-shelf products made with human-grade ingredients.

The company also makes sure to use organically-sourced hemp grown in Colorado, which helps ensure that its products are of a high quality.

In speaking with their rep, I learned that they actually source their own hemp, thus they're in total control of the source of ingredients that go into their products.

I’ve tried a wide variety of pet products.

It all started a few years ago after my dog Rosie was diagnosed with cancer.

Looking for ways to improve her quality of life in her limited time with me, I learned about CBD and, after countless hours of research and chatting with my vet, decided to give it a try.

After seeing what CBD did for Rosie, I decided to build this website to help inform other pet owners like you about the many different health benefits of CBD for pets.

Out of all the CBD products I’ve tried, HempMy pet is currently one of my favorites. They are a very trustworthy brand in my opinion.

Here’s why:

HempMy Pet Is Certified Organic

If you want to make sure your pet is getting the best possible CBD extract, this brand is hard to look past.

All of its products are made with certified organic carrier oils and top-shelf hemp extract.

The hemp extract used to infuse their products is grown organically in Colorado from strain-specific hemp seeds.

As I mentioned above, they grow and harvests the hemp themselves, ensuring it is grown GMO-free and without pesticides.

This helps ensure that the final products are of the highest possible standard.

Plus, all the other ingredients used in their products are sourced responsibly from the company’s own trusted suppliers.

HempMy Pet Products are Made in Small Batches

Mass manufacturing is great for driving down costs.

Unfortunately, many products that are mass produced often also drop in quality.

HempMy Pet ensures that all of its products are made in small batches.

In turn, they help ensure that each batch is as good, if not better than the last.

This also helps ensure consistency across all their products and that every product you buy is as fresh as possible.

HempMy Pet is 3rd Party Tested

As I mentioned earlier, 3rd party testing is really important.

Unfortunately, the CBD industry is really still in its infancy.

Hence, it still lacks some of the strict regulation we’re used to from other, more established industries.

This obviously undermines some of the trust consumers have in the quality and safety of CBD products, and rightly so.

Luckily, 3rd party testing helps address some of these issues.

Every batch of HempMy Pet products is independently tested for potency, purity, and safety, which helps restore a lot of trust in the end user.

In these tests, HempMy Pet and the labs they work with make sure that all their products are free of contaminants such as heavy metals, solvents from the extraction process, etc.

Plus, the tests also ensure that each and every product is of the right potency so you can be 100% certain of what you’re giving your pet.

Not all CBD brands openly advertise that their products are 3rd party tested, so this is something that really caught my attention when I discovered these guys.

HempMy Pet is Full-Spectrum

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer full-spectrum CBD products over isolates.

While I know that some pet owners might be worried about using products with trace amounts of THC, I’ve honestly never had any issues using these products with my pets.

HempMy Pet even guarantees on its website that its products are 100% non-psychoactive.

In order for cannabis plants to be considered hemp by the US government, they need to contain less than 0.3% THC.

Any more than that and the plants are considered cannabis or marijuana.

Hence, in order to be able to legally sell their products as hemp-derived, a company can only use cannabis plants with less than 0.3% THC.

Plus, the extract the company uses is then further diluted when mixed with the carrier oils they use.

All in all, you can be certain that these products aren’t going to get your pets high while offering your pet the full therapeutic potential of the hemp plant.

HempMy Pet Has a Solid Variety of Products

Variety is really important for me when shopping around for CBD products for my pet.

This is another reason I like this brand:

Right now, the company offers a really unique selection of products.

Their most traditional products are the CBD tinctures, which are similar to some of the other CBD oils you’ve likely seen around the web.

hemp my pet 1000mg extract bottleThey currently offer 2 tinctures: One containing 250mg of active hemp extract, and another with 1000mg hemp actives.

The 250mg oil is great for pets of all sizes, especially smaller animals that require smaller doses.

Thanks to its high concentration of CBD, these tinctures are easy to dose and, for pets for weighing under 10lbs (5kg), can last over 6 months.

The 1000mg tincture, on the other hand, is much stronger and is therefore recommended for larger, heavier animals.

Order these oils on the official website here.

HempMy Pet also has delicious pet treats made in small batched from all-natural ingredients.

organic dog biscuits from hempmy petThe treats are specially formulated for large or small dogs, containing either 5mg or 2mg respectively.

The treats are available in delicious pumpkin or peanut butter flavors.

Besides its tinctures and treats, they also offer a very unique coconut oil.

Available in 100mg and 500mg varieties, this product combines all the health benefits of unrefined, human-grade coconut oil with CBD.

You can give it to your pet on its own or use it to cook if you prepare their meals.

Order these treats on the official website here.

What are Other Pet Owners Saying About HempMy Pet?

Besides the quality and variety of its products, HempMy Pet also has a solid customer base.

On the official website, customers are able to submit testimonials as well as individual reviews for each product.

Pet owners currently use HempMy Pet to help their pets manage everything from chronic pain and inflammation to seizures and even cancer.

For more detailed reviews, make sure to check out the company’s testimonials page:

View all their products and testimonials on the official website: www.HempMyPet.com

Easy to Use Dosage Chart

Here is the dosage chart which comes with all their products:

pet cbd dosage chart

All you need to do is match your pet's weight to the suggested serving that comes with the particular product you order.

It's that easy. Just follow the chart!

HempMy Pet Alternatives

Like I said earlier, I’ve tried a wide variety of CBD pet brands.

And HempMy Pet isn’t the only one I recommend.

If you’re not convinced by this brand for whatever reason, consider some of the following alternatives:

holistapet logo


HolistaPet is currently my #1 recommendation for CBD for pets. This brand has a great variety of products, including multiple strength oils and capsules, as well as a solid selection of CBD treats for both dogs and cats. Make sure to check out my review of HolistaPet through the link above for more information on this brand.

King Kanine Logo

King Kanine

King Kanine is a well-established brand that has made a name for itself for its quality grooming products. Today, the company has also broken into the CBD market with a solid selection of CBD oils and infused dog treats. King Kanine also has a unique selection of topical products like balms and sprays which I find great for topically treating wounds, allergies, rashes, hot spots, pain, and much more.

honest paws logo

Honest Paws

This new CBD company has broken onto the market with some really unique products. Honest Paws currently sells CBD oils, treats, soft chews, infused coconut oil, and CBD-rich peanut butter. All of its products are specially formulated with other super-foods and supplements like turmeric, coconut oil, and glucosamine to offer comprehensive relief to your furry friend.

HempMy Pet: A Great Choice for Your Pet’s CBD Needs

coupon code for hemp my petThanks to the quality of its products and its transparency, HempMy Pet is a super trustworthy brand that I’d recommend to any pet owner.

If you’re looking for top-shelf CBD products for your pet, make sure to check out this brand and its solid variety of products.

And remember, if you use the link below, enter the coupon code: Blake10 and save yourself 10%!

Enter the discount code during the last step of the checkout process. Only order these products from the official website.

Visit the official website through the link below:

Visit The HempMy Pet Website Here