Revealed: The CBD Dosage Blueprint for Pet Owners

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CBD Dosage Checklist: 7 Things to Consider When Giving Your Pet CBD

REVEALED: The Easiest CBD Brand to Use

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I have tested multiple CBD oil brands on our dogs, and there are a few companies we really like.

The truth is, there are several brands which offer great products, and I try to highlight them in a fair manner, and non biased way on my website.

But there is definitely one brand that is the easiest to administer to your pet:

honest paws logoHonest Paws!

Not only do Honest Paws' products provide excellent results, their oils are by far the easiest to use.

So I'd like to recommend them to you here:

3 Easy Steps to the Perfect CBD Dose for Your Dog

  • How Much Does Your Dog Weigh?
  • Purchase the Proper Purity from Honest Paws
  • Give 1 Drop Per Day - 1 ml

Works on cats too!

cbd dosage chart from honest paws

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