charlotte's web logoCharlotte’s Web is a huge name in the CBD industry.

But did you know that this brand now also makes a select range of CBD products specially designed for pets?

Read on for a detailed review of the new range of CBD pet products by Charlottes’s Web.

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What to Look for in CBD Pet Brands

dog looking at a medication bottleThere are countless brands of CBD pet products out there, and choosing one brand/product over another can become a bit overwhelming.

So before I look at Charlotte’s Web in more detail, here’s a basic overview of some of the things I look for when choosing a CBD product for my pets:

  • Full-Spectrum: The hemp plant can contain up to 400 different active compounds which can synergize as part of the “entourage effect.” Researchers believe that this unique synergy is what gives hemp its unique health benefits. To ensure your pet gets the best out of CBD, I recommend using full-spectrum products over isolates.
  • Hemp Origins: Hemp is grown all around the world to very different standards. To ensure you’re getting a high-quality product, make sure you pay close attention to where CBD companies source the hemp for their products.
  • Easy Dosing: Properly dosing CBD is super important. Unfortunately, not all CBD brands do a great job of explaining how to dose their products. Hence, I always recommend choosing a brand that gives precise dosing information and takes the stress out of giving your pet their daily dose of CBD.
  • Variety: I always recommend pet owners look into CBD brands with a solid variety of products. While oils are a very popular way to administer CBD to pets, having the option to use topical products or treats, for example, can give you extra flexibility when supporting your pet.
  • Passion: As pet owners, we love our furry friends. If you’re going to buy CBD, make sure you buy from a company that shares this passion for animals.
  • Reputation: CBD brands aren’t all made equal. To get the best product for your pet, I recommend always buying from reputable brands with a solid position in the CBD niche.

What is Charlotte’s Web?

Charlotte’s Web is a highly esteemed brand of CBD.

It first got attention a few years ago after the story of Charlotte Figi, a young girl from Colorado, made international headlines.

Today, Charlotte’s Web is considered one of the leaders in high-quality CBD products.

It All Started With Charlotte Figi…

Charlotte Figi first made headlines in 2013.

Charlotte FigiAfter suffering from long, isolated seizures when she was just 3 months old, Charlotte was eventually diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy that causes prolonged grand mal seizures.

By the time she was 5, Charlotte was suffering from over 300 of these seizures a week.

On a few occasions, Charlotte’s seizures were so severe they caused her heart to stop beating.

And her doctors could do little to help.

Charlotte was prescribed a cocktail of different drugs, but none of them managed to reduce the intensity or frequency of her seizures.

Finally, Charlotte’s doctors made it clear that there was nothing else left to try, and her parents eventually decided to sign a “do not resuscitate” order for their daughter.

Luckily, Charlotte’s parents soon learned about the health benefits of cannabis.

More specifically, they learned of the story of another young boy with Dravet’s Syndrome who was using cannabis to successfully support his seizures.

And, after having tried literally every option available to them, they decided they had nothing to lose by trying cannabis.

And so they did, and the results were incredible.

After using cannabis extract, Charlotte went an entire week without a single seizure.

Looking for a larger supply of cannabis to help their daughter, Charlotte’s parents got in touch with the Stanley Brothers, a group of brothers that grow and dispense medicinal cannabis in Colorado.

The Stanley Brothers immediately got to work on creating a product for Charlotte using hemp.

This resulting product was extremely low in THC, the intoxicating compound found in cannabis, and rich in non-intoxicating CBD.

The Stanley Brothers jokingly called it “Hippie’s Disappointment” and set out to stabilize its genetics and create a plant with all of the health benefits found in cannabis but none of the intoxicating effects.

This is now known as Charlotte’s Web in honor of Charlotte and her family.

Important Disclaimer:

Although this brand is very popular,  it does NOT make any claims that their products can treat a medical condition.

They may help support a sense of calm for focus and every day stresses, along with helping to support healthy sleep cycles, but these products make no claims of treating any type of medical condition. *

Charlotte’s Web: The Biggest Name in CBD

CW product display

Both Zaki and Charlotte’s stories made international news headlines, and Charlotte’s Web got the attention of thousands of parents around the world with similar stories.

Today, Charlotte’s Web has become the biggest name in the CBD niche with a great variety of products including CBD tinctures, topicals, CBD isolates, capsules, and a unique line of CBD pet products.

Below I’ll take a closer look at Charlotte’s Web range of CBD for dogs, which in my opinion, is by far one of the best CBD pet brands out there.

Introducing Charlotte’s Web for Dogs

CW recently expanded into the pet market with a unique line of CBD pet products including tinctures, topicals, and a range of chews.

At the heart of all of these products is a top-shelf hemp extract, made by The Stanley Brothers and grown in the heart of the USA.

The Stanley Brother’s are renowned for growing hemp to the highest possible standards and using leading manufacturing processes to create their extract.

The end result is an excellent, full-spectrum extract containing all the beneficial properties of the hemp plant.

This extract is then used to infuse each one of Charlotte’s Web unique products.

These include:

17mg Hemp Drops for Dogs

Previously known as Charlotte’s Web PAWS, this tincture contains 17mgs of CBD and hemp actives in a single serve.

Instead of a dropper, the oil now comes with a spray pump which can be sprayed straight into your dog’s mouth or into their food.

The tincture is designed for adult dogs and should be taken twice daily.

Like other CBD tinctures, this product can help support a sense of calmness in your pet, help them in supporting the recovery of exercise induced inflammation, and offer support in the management of typical daily stresses that your pet may encounter.*

According to the reviews on the Charlotte’s Web website, pet owners are seeing great results using this tincture on older dogs and young pups.

Like any other CBD tincture, I’d recommend using this product with pets that need fast-acting support.

Canine Hemp-Infused Balm

This balm contains a total of 450mg of CBD and hemp actives.

Besides hemp extract, the balm contains a long list of other ingredients.

These include:

  • Sunflower, coconut, and olive oil.
  • Beeswax.
  • Capric triglycerides.
  • Turmeric powder.
  • Citrus and cedarwood oils.

CBD topicals work a little different than regular oral tinctures.

Instead of being absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth cavity, topicals work by directly activating receptors in the area of the skin they’re applied to.

CBD topicals don’t enter the bloodstream, meaning you can apply them multiple times during the day as needed.

Coming Soon: Broad Spectrum Hemp-Infused Chews

dog sitting and eating cbd dog treatsLast but not least, this company is also about to launch a brand new range of CBD hemp chews for dogs.

As I’m sure you know, administering oral supplements to dogs isn’t always easy.

This is where treats come in super handy.

Charlotte’s Web chicken-flavored chews contain a single dose of 2.5mg of CBD and hemp actives per serving.

Plus, they are available in 3 different blends specifically designed for 3 different purposes.

The Calming Treats combine CBD hemp extract with valerian root, passion flower, and chamomile to offer support to dogs who are looking for a sense of calm and focus.*

The Hip & Joint Chews, on the other hand, are made with glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric to help support recovery from exercise induced inflammation.*

Finally, the Cognition Chews combine the benefits of full-spectrum CBD with elderberry, omega-3 fatty acids (like DHA and EPA), and vitamin E. The result is a delicious chew that’s great for dogs who need help supporting healthy sleep cycles and everyday stresses.*

Why Choose Charlotte’s Web Over Other CBD Pet Brands?

Screenshot taken from:

So far in this article, I’ve introduced you to Charlotte’s Web, a leading CBD company and its new range of CBD pet products.

Now, you’re probably wondering why you should bother purchasing this brand over all the other pet CBD brands out there.

Well, here’s why:

Charlottes’ Web is easily one of the biggest name in the CBD niche.

It has been around for quite some time, and the brand really made a name for itself with the quality of its products.

And that’s exactly why I’m reviewing it on my site.

black and white photo of man and his dog
Me and my dog Rosie

I’ll be frank:

I hold really high standards for any product I’m planning to use with my animals.

And Charlotte’s Web meets those demands on every level.

This brand is well-established in its niche, meaning it’s easy for me to trust in its products.

With years of experience in the CBD market, I know that the Stanley Brothers really dedicate themselves to producing products only made with the best ingredients and to the highest caliber.

I really love that the pet range from Charlotte’s Web is made with full-spectrum hemp extract, and I also like that the company offers a solid variety of products to help pet owners like you and I find the best solution for our furry friends.

If you’ve ever been interested in trying CBD with your pet, I highly recommend trying this brand.

What are Other Pet Owners Saying About CW?

As you can imagine, a well-established brand such as Charlotte’s Web has a really solid base of customer reviews.

To read some of these reviews for yourself, check Charlotte’s Web product pages where customers post their reviews of each individual product.

Screenshot taken from:

Alternative Pet Brands to Consider

I’ve tried a variety of CBD products with my pets.

And while I’d highly recommend Charlotte’s Web, there are other alternatives out there.

These include:

holistapet logo


HolistaPet is another great CBD brand which I’ve reviewed on my website. It offers a variety of CBD oils, capsules, and treats. In fact, HolistaPet is one of the few CBD pet brands with a unique line of cat treats. To learn more about this brand, make sure to check out my review.

hempmy pet logo


This is a new brand of CBD that I discovered recently. It makes a wide range of CBD pet products using top-shelf carrier oils and its very own hemp extract produced in Colorado. I highly recommend HempMyPet for the quality of products but, like Charlotte’s Web, it is pricier than the other brands listed here.

honest paws logo

Honest Paws

Honest Paws is another new CBD company that I discovered only recently. It has a wide selection of CBD products that includes oils, treats, soft chews, and unique edibles like infused coconut oil and peanut butter. All HonestPaws products are formulated together with other ingredients and superfoods such as glucosamine and turmeric and make for really comprehensive supplements.

Charlotte’s Web: A Well Respected CBD Brand for Your Pet

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD products for your pet, I highly recommend you check out Charlotte’s Web new pet range.

These products are really top-shelf and buying from a respected brand like Charlotte’s Web really helps ensure that you’re really getting what you pay for.

I've also organized a special coupon code for you!

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For more information, and to save $$ on your order with the code BLAKE, make sure to check out the Charlotte’s Web website here:

For more reviews like this one and detailed articles about CBD for pets, make sure to keep browsing my site and blog.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.