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Local Dog Rescue is Using CBD Oil

This local news report highlighted how a non-profit dog rescue shelter is seeing the benefits of CBD.

Marly's Mutts have been using CBD oil to help treat some of their new rescue dogs.

One dog highlighted in the report came from Saudi Arabia. He was roaming the streets without the use of his rear legs, and locals could not help him.

Marly's Mutts needed to figure out how to help this dog gain weight, and treat his paralysis. Rescuers admit that at first they didn't have a great feeling about the dog's future.

They turned to CBD oil and began noticing some great improvements.

They saw improvements in his arthritis, inflammation, and even his paralysis.

The dog's overall mood and demeanour has also improved. He's not scared of other dogs or people anymore, and his separation anxiety is gone.

The rescue shelter has reported other positive outcomes from other dogs who have been using CBD oil as well.

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Blake Armstrong
Blake Armstrong

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