brown horseLet’s be honest:

You know more about your horse than me.

I’m sure she’s super active and can’t wait for you to take her out for a ride.

But here’s the truth:

Despite being active animals, horses can suffer from a wide variety of health problems.

And I’m sure you already know that too…

However, what I can reveal to you is a safe and natural supplement made from cannabis and hemp. It can help treat many of the health problems commonly affecting horses.

In this special report for horse owners, I’m going to examine CBD, which is renowned for its health benefits, and show you how it can keep your horse happy and healthy.

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Why Should You Use CBD With Your Horse?

cbdCBD is a compound found in cannabis and hemp plants.

And while the idea of giving your horse cannabis might seem bizarre, it really isn’t.

Recent research has shown us that CBD has a very wide range of medicinal potential that can help both humans and animals deal with a really broad spectrum of symptoms.

When CBD enters the body, its effects are mitigated by the endocannabinoid system, a physiological system that occurs naturally in all mammals.

This system is made up of a variety of receptors and neurological pathways.

And while we still don’t entirely understand the endocannabinoid system and how it works, recent research shows that it’s involved in managing a whole variety of bodily processes, including:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Metabolism and appetite
  • Stress
  • Emotion and mood
  • Neurogenesis

Now, you’re probably wondering why you and your horse naturally have a system in your body designed to process the compounds found in cannabis.

Well, turns out the endocannabinoid system actually produces 2 compounds (known as anandamide and 2-AG) which are structurally very similar to CBD and some other compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Hence, when you or your pet consume CBD, the compound almost mimics the effects of the chemicals your body produces naturally.

In doing so, it helps give your endocannabinoid system a boost and can help restore balance to your body, as well as offer relief from a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

Last year, for example, the World Health Organization came out and said that CBD may help with everything from mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to physical symptoms like chronic pain and inflammation.

For example, a variety of studies have shown that CBD and other cannabinoids can help fight the chronic inflammation and swelling caused by Arthritis.

The cannabinoid receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system are located all around the body.

By interacting with these receptors, compounds like CBD are able to start a complex biological chain of events that help bring down inflammation in the joints.

In fact, CBD and other cannabis compounds have also been shown to help fight the inflammation of the brain caused by mental conditions like Parkinson’s.

But it doesn’t end there; CBD has many other health benefits that can help both you and your pet control a wide variety of symptoms (I’ll look at these in more detail shortly).

Now, you might be saying this:

“There’s no way I’m giving my horse ‘pot’!”

The good news is, however, that you don’t have to.

I first started researching CBD when my dog Rosie was diagnosed with cancer and hip dysplasia.

Blake and Rosie up closeAnd, like many other pet owners out there, no matter how many good things I heard about CBD, I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea of giving my dog “weed.”

But, thanks to countless hours of research, I soon learned that CBD was nothing like the recreational drug we know as “marijuana.”

Marijuana is made using the flowers of the female cannabis plant.

When these flowers are harvested, dried, and smoked, they produce a chemical known as THC.

This is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis and is responsible for causing the euphoric “high” we associate with cannabis.

CBD, however, is a completely different compound.

While it can also be found in female cannabis flowers, it is found in much higher concentration in hemp, a species of cannabis that typically contains extremely low concentrations of THC.

Best of all, CBD produces none of the “high” that THC does.

In fact, research shows that CBD is completely safe and doesn’t produce any side effects.

Once I learned the difference between CBD and marijuana, I was able to completely change my perspective and decided to use CBD supplements with my dog Rosie.

And, as you’ll learn later on in this article, I’m so glad I did.

For more information about the safety of CBD, click here.

What Symptoms in Horses Will CBD Help?

horse in a field

CBD can help a bunch of medical symptoms.

Horses, just like any other living being, can suffer from a whole variety of health conditions.

In my research, I learned that the most common health problems affecting horses include:

  • Arthritis: Horses are naturally active animals. As they get older, it is very common for horses to experience degeneration of their joints, especially in the fetlock and knees.
  • Gastric Ulcers: Gastric ulcers are very painful and can affect a horse's appetite, appearance, and nature.
  • Desmitis: This condition is characterized by the inflammation of a ligament, usually the suspensory, and collateral ligaments in the legs and coffin joint. The most common symptom of desmitis is lameness.
  • Laminitis: Laminitis is characterized by chronic inflammation of the laminae, a small soft tissue structure found in the hoof that causes severe pain.
  • Colic: Colic is a condition that causes severe pain in the abdomen.

Most of the conditions I listed above are characterized either by chronic inflammation or pain, both of which can be very crippling symptoms.

Luckily, studies show that CBD can help tackle both pain and inflammation.

Like some other cannabinoids, CBD has been shown to suppress pain signals and pathways in the body, offering fast, temporary relief from different types of pain.

When it comes to inflammation, like I mentioned before, CBD is able to boost activity of the endocannabinoid system which kick-starts a variety of bodily processes that help to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Hence, it's no wonder CBD has become an increasingly popular medication for patients dealing with arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and other conditions characterized by inflammation and pain.

In fact, I’ve used CBD to treat inflammation and pain myself; with my dog Rosie.

The dysplasia Rosie had caused her constant hip pain, and eventually led her to develop arthritis in her hip joint, too.

Her tumor, on the other hand, also caused her chronic pain as it grew.

As her condition progressed, I noticed Rosie was a completely different dog.

Prior to her diagnosis, she was always an active, happy dog with a bold personality that instantly lit up the entire room she was in.

But her health problems had made her lethargic and lazy, and she seemed visually depressed and sad as she lounged around the house all day.

She also gradually lost interest in activities that she used to like, including going on walks or playing fetch in the backyard.

Seeing this change was devastating for me and my entire family.

But using CBD helped us turn Rosie’s condition around and bring back the dog we all knew and loved.

Within the first week on CBD, Rosie seemed happier and more active.

As the weeks went on, she suddenly started joining us on walks again and was actively seeking out play-time like she used to.

My vet also noticed a big reduction in the inflammation in her hip.

Most importantly, CBD helped our Rosie get back to her former self and let her enjoy a good end to her life.

As pet owners, we all know how valuable that is.

How Do You Give CBD to Horses? What's a Proper Dosage?

horse with its head downDosage depends on the weight of your pet.

So horses will require way more product than a dog or a cat.

To help my dog Rosie with her condition, I used a combination of different CBD products.

I would use CBD oil whenever I saw Rosie dealing with acute symptoms and wanted to offer her fast relief.

CBD oil can be administered under your pet’s tongue, where it is quickly absorbed by the mucous membranes underneath.

I’d also use CBD infused dog treats occasionally, which offer a slower, yet steadier release of CBD and longer-lasting relief.

Finally, I’d also use topical solutions like balms to spot treat the inflammation in Rosie’s hip.

I’d usually do this in the evening before bed to give her long-lasting relief while she slept.

But when it comes to horses, however, I would recommend sticking to using CBD oils.

The exact dosage will be recommended by the manufacturer.

Choosing the Right CBD Product for Your Horse

When it comes to choosing the right CBD product for your horse, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

First of all, you’ll want to think about the condition/symptoms your horse is experiencing.

For example, if your horse suffers from colic, you’ll likely want to use a product that’s ingested but also isn’t intrusive and likely to cause your pet an upset stomach.

If, on the other hand, your horse deals with chronic inflammation in a joint or other part of the body, you may want to look into topical solutions like a CBD-rich spray or balm.

Like I said, I personally recommend using CBD oil for horses.

These oils are easy to administer (directly into your horse’s mouth) and offer fast relief from symptoms. Also, the fact that most oils come with a dropper make them super easy to dose.

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a CBD product for your horse is this:

Since horses are large animals, you’ll want to use CBD supplements that are either specifically designed to be used for horses or at least formulated for large animals.

Finally, you’ll also want to use products from a well-respected brand to ensure you’re getting a quality product that works.

The Top 3 CBD Brands to Consider

CBD is becoming an increasingly popular niche, and there are a number of CBD pet brands already on the market.

Below are 3 brands I highly recommend for any horse owner looking to try CBD right now:

1. HolistaPet

HolistaPet is one my favourite CBD companies to recommend to pet owners, and I'm happy to say that they now have products specifically designed for horses.

What's great is that HolistaPet offers two kinds of product solutions for horses:

  • CBD Equine Formula (Oil)
  • CBD Horse Pellets (Hemp for Horses)

Their Equine Formula comes in a 120 ml bottle.

It's made in the USA and contains all natural ingredients with no THC.

You can administer it directly in your horse's mouth, or put drops into water or food.

As with all products from HolistaPet, they're 100% organic and vegan, and contain no GMOs.

Their horse pellets are one of the easiest ways to administer CBD.

As of right now, HolistaPet is the only brand that offers this type of product.

These pellets are for horses of all sizes, and may help with reducing pain and anxiety, while improving recovery.

HolistaPet offers really simple dosing instructions for these pellets as well.

This is one of the easiest ways to promote the overall health of your horse.

View their Equine Formula and CBD Pellets here.

2. HempMy Pet

hemp my pet equine formulaHempMy Pet is another brand I recommend a lot these days.

Quality is the main reason why. They have great ingredients, and all their production is done in-house. So you always get consistent products.

Their Equine Formula for horses comes in a large 120ml bottle.

The ingredients are all organic and human grade.

From all the research I've done, I believe this company truly makes amazing products because of their high quality ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Their CBD infused products are made with their own hemp. They actually have their own farms where they grow the ingredients used in their products.

Again, I feel this brand will become one of the leaders in the "Pet CBD" industry soon.

View their Full Spectrum Equine Formula on their official website:

2. Canna-Pet

Canna-Pet logoI’ve used the full line of Canna-Pet CBD products with my dog Rosie and I was impressed with the quality of the products and the results they produced.

Canna-Pet also offers a bunch of information on their website about dosing and other important topics to help pet owners stay informed about how to use their products.

Canna-Pet is another one of the few CBD pet companies that has products specifically designed to be used with horses.

These mixtures contain a specially formulated extract made from whole hemp plants and are available in large bottles of up to 120ml.

All in all, I was happy with the quality of Canna-Pets products, and I also saw that their website had countless positive reviews.

One downfall is that their prices on the large 120ml bottles are quite a bit more than HempMy Pet.

View their products for horses here:

Are Other Owners Using CBD With Their Horses?

As pet owners, we’re always wanting to make sure that any new medication or supplement we’re thinking of giving our pets is tried and tested.

Luckily, CBD is.

Kai is a horse seeing great results with these products.

Kai the horse giving a cbd testimonial
Screenshot taken from

Kai's owners have stated that her inflammation and fluid build up from arthritis has improved dramatically.

Not only that, they also state that her overall mood has greatly increased, even at the age of 17!

There are many other horses who are benefiting from CBD.

I know this because I've received quite a few success emails recently, and it seems more companies are starting to promote these products.

You might not hear as much because all the dog stories being published, but know that CBD has been helping horses too.

The Best CBD Products for Horses

My #1 one recommendation for horses is HolistaPet's Equine Formula and Pellets.

Like I said, their products are of the highest quality, and I am especially impressed by the fact that they have a formula that’s especially made for horses.

Because of the size of horses, they will require much more medication than a dog or a cat. This is a 120ml (4 oz) bottle which should last a few months.

HolistaPet will send you the proper dosage guidelines with their products.

View HolistaPet's Equine Formula for horses here.

Try These Pellets:

These horse pellets are a very healthy way to supply your horse with excellent nutrients as well as full spectrum CBD.

They're very affordable and super easy to administer and dose.

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