dog begging for treatsYour French Bulldog is hilarious.

He has trouble with flatulence often, but he’s still the coolest dog on the block.

You’re probably not too concerned about his snoring, but perhaps there are other reasons why you’re interested in this supplement called CBD.

Your Frenchie is such a big part of your life, so I’m sure you’re worried about his health.

But what if I told you there was a simple, natural supplement that can help you manage many of the conditions that often affect French Bulldogs?

In this article, I’ll quickly review why French Bulldogs get sick, and explain how CBD can help with a few common conditions.

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French Bulldogs

Despite their name, French Bulldogs actually originate from England.

Like other types of Bulldogs, they were first bred for the cruel sport of bull baiting.

Luckily, the sport was banned towards the end of the Industrial Revolution.

As a result, Bulldogs quickly earned their keep as loving pets.

During the Industrial Revolution, many lacemakers moved to France (especially the North) and brought their Bulldogs with them.

They were an instant hit among the French, and before long England was exporting French Bulldogs to France, which is how they got their name.

Today, French Bulldogs are popular pets all around the world, loved for their small stature and companionship.

Like other types of Bulldogs, they are friendly, affectionate, and adore their family.

They are also known to be very protective of their family and home, meaning they need to be trained and socialized from a young age.

They can also struggle to manage their weight, and need regular moderate exercise to stay in shape, despite their small size.

Common Ailments Affecting French Bulldogs

Like other purebred pups, French Bulldogs are unfortunately prone to developing a variety of health problems.

They are prone to a variety of allergies, and can also develop epilepsy, separation anxiety, or suffer from physical ailments like back problems and hip dysplasia.

Their short snouts and small faces mean they can also suffer from some breathing problems and cleft palate more than some other breeds.

Review this list of common conditions that could affect your French Bulldog:

  • Arthritis: Arthritis is a common problem for all dogs, especially as they approach their golden years. Just like in humans, it causes inflammation, swelling, and pain in the joints. Smaller breeds like the French Bulldog may experience arthritis especially in their hind legs due to jumping on or off the couch, into the car, etc.
  • Allergies: French Bulldogs commonly suffer from food, contact, or inhalant allergies (commonly caused by pollen, dust, or mildew). While they can be easy to manage, they can cause your furry friend a fair bit of irritation when they strike.
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome: This is a common syndrome affecting Bulldogs and other breeds with short heads and snouts. Due to their narrow nostrils, French Bulldogs often suffer from this condition, which causes general breathing problems.
  • Cleft Palate: Cleft palate tends to affect dog breeds with flat faces, like Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs, Boxers, and Boston Terriers. It is caused when the small tissue connecting the mouth and nose does not develop fully. This often results in a small opening between the nose and upper lip, and can cause problems like excessive sneezing or snorting, a chronic runny nose, and coughing while drinking water.
  • Heat Stress: Seeing as they already suffer from breathing difficulties, French Bulldogs can suffer in hot conditions, especially when outdoors or exercising. Hence, it’s a good idea to keep them inside during the hot months and keeping their exercise routine at a comfortable intensity.
  • Hemivertebrae: Hemivertebrae occurs due to a malformation in one of your dog’s vertebrae. If your French Bulldog has this condition, they might deal with constant pain, lameness in some parts of the body, stiffness, or even paralysis. Some dogs, however, might not experience any symptoms.
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD): IVDD is caused by the rupturing and hardening of one or more spinal discs. When this happens, the affected discs usually herniate and push onto neighboring tissue and nerves. This results in pain, weakness, and stiffness. IVD can be caused by old age, trauma, or even everyday activities like running and jumping.
  • Patellar Luxation: Patellar Luxation happens when the patella and the tibia, two bones in the knee, aren’t properly in place. This causes the knee to dislocate regularly, causing pain when it initially slips out, and then causes your dog to limp or be slightly lame. This is a congenital disease, meaning it can be detected at birth.
  • Seizures: Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are prone to seizures and epilepsy. You can read more about canine epilepsy and how CBD can help here.
  • Separation Anxiety: Separation anxiety is a common problem for many dogs, especially breeds like French Bulldogs who tend to get very attached to their owners and families. I’ve covered CBD and other anxieties before in this article.

How Can CBD Help My French Bulldog?

I know reading about your dog’s health problems can be tough.

When I found out the variety of problems my Golden Retriever, Rosie, could possibly deal with, I was really overcome.

But CBD has been known to help a lot of the things I listed above.

Right now I'm going to cover how CBD can help you manage 2 conditions that might be affecting your French Bulldog:

Arthritis and allergies.

But remember, there are many other CBD health benefits.

Just because your Frenchie isn't suffering from arthritis or allergies, doesn't mean CBD can't help.

For a more broad overview of some of the benefits of CBD, check out this article.

How CBD Can Help Your French Bulldog With Arthritis

French bulldog sitting downIf you know someone dealing with arthritis, they’ll be quick to tell you how crippling their condition can be.

And it’s no different with dogs.

Arthritis causes permanent, long-term degeneration of the cartilage surrounding the joints.

In dogs, we commonly see arthritis affecting the hips, knees, shoulders and elbows.

In most cases, arthritis will leave your dog dealing with inflamed, swollen, and painful joints.

This will likely cause them to become less active, and they may also become lame in the affected parts of the body.

You might also notice your dog suffering from stiffness, especially after exercise, a long walk, or on cold days.

Other symptoms include:

  • Limping
  • Struggling to get up or lay down
  • Reluctance to jump up/down or go on walks
  • Reduced mobility
  • Sleeping more than usual

For many dogs, arthritis can lead to weight gain, simply because they become less active.

This can create a whole bunch of other complex health issues.

Now, while arthritis is a chronic condition and cannot be cured, CBD can help you and your dog control it’s debilitating symptoms.

That’s because CBD is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory.

A study published in the European Journal of Neuroscience has shown that the endocannabinoid system (the system that mitigates the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids) is heavily involved in managing the pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

In 2016, another study explored whether CBD could help manage the symptoms of this condition.

Researchers replicated arthritis in a group of lab rats, then applied CBD gels of various strengths (0.6, 3.1, 6.2, and 62.3) to the rats’ affected joints for 4 days.

The researchers found that the gels helped reduce the inflammation in the joints and also helped the rats experience less pain.

The good news is that your dog has an endocannabinoid system too.

Hence, they can use and benefit from CBD much like we can.

If your French Bulldog deals with arthritis or inflammation in some way, I highly recommend using CBD.

You can find more details about CBD for dogs with arthritis here.

Blake and Rosie up closeI personally used CBD to help my dog Rosie deal with the pain and inflammation caused by her hip dysplasia.

And I cannot recommend it enough.

Within only a few days, Rosie was a different dog.

On her bad days, she’d be really lethargic and would avoid going on walks or any other kind of exercise simply due to the pain in her hip.

But after only a few days using CBD, she was much more active.

She’d move around the house and garden much more and couldn’t wait to get out the door if she heard you mention the word “walk.”

If like me, you want to help your dog manage their inflammation and pain, I recommend checking out products like King Kanine.

How CBD Can Help Your French Bulldog With Allergies

French Bulldog puppy outsideAs I mentioned earlier, French Bulldogs regularly deal with allergies.

Most commonly, dogs will suffer from food allergies (caused by some ingredient in their food), contact allergies (anything that comes in contact with their skin, such as shampoo), or inhalant allergies (usually caused by pollen and dust).

When a dog suffers from an allergic reaction, they’ll usually display a variety of symptoms, the most common of which is itching, especially in the feet, ears, forelegs, anus area, face, and armpits.

In turn, they’ll usually scratch, bite, and lick at the itching areas, sometimes causing the skin in those areas to become even more irritated.

Other common signs of an allergy in dogs include:

  • Red, watery eyes
  • A stuffy nose
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Swelling
  • Rashes
  • Hair loss
  • Hot spots

Other symptoms of allergies include ear infections, yeast infections, irregular bowel movements, diarrhea, and vomiting.

If your French Bulldog suffers from allergies, I highly recommend CBD.

cbd infused coconut oil from honest pawsProducts like CBD infused coconut oil, for example, can help calm the irritating itching or rashes caused by an infection.

CBD oils or capsules, on the other hand, might also help your dog control their vomiting or diarrhea if they deal with those symptoms as a result of an allergic reaction.

Do Other Bulldogs Use CBD?

As pet owners, we always want to make sure that we’re only doing the best by our furry friends.

And trust me, I know giving your pet a new medicine or supplement can be daunting.

But CBD is safe and reliable, and pet owners all across the globe are using it to help their pets deal with all kinds of symptoms and conditions.

Rocco, for example, uses CBD oil after dealing with a harsh seizure that left him unable to walk or stand up.

cbd testimonial from a french bulldog
Screenshot taken from

His owners discovered CBD and were able to turn Rocco’s condition around a full 360.

You would think he is a puppy again at times,” they wrote recently in a review of their experience with CBD.

Other pet owners also use CBD to help their Frenchies deal with anxiety, pain, eating disorders, and much more.

Rocco had success with products from Canna-Pet. You can visit the official website here:

The Top CBD Brand for Your Frenchie

If you’re interested in trying CBD to help your pup, consider some of the brands our dogs have had success with.

honest paws product displayI’ve personally tried Honest Paws' products with my dog Rosie, and I highly recommend them for their quality.

You can view their products on their official website:

If your Frenchie has skin problems, then I highly recommend their Purity Oils and also their CBD infused coconut oil.

You can learn more about the Honest Paws brand if you read my full review of their products here.

Blake Armstrong
Blake Armstrong

Hey I'm Blake, the founder of this website. Our family was fortunately to have discovered CBD products after our dog Rosie was diagnosed with a few common ailments. I truly believe they enhanced her last few years, and it's my passion to spread the word through this website. Thanks for visiting!