Thinking about giving CBD to your dog?

Have you used it yourself, and wonder whether the same oil will work on your pet?

I get tons of questions from pet owners wondering if human CBD oil is safe for their pets.

And while they are, I always recommend using specially designed pet CBD products instead.

Read on to find out why.

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So, Can You Give Human CBD Oil to Dogs?

Yes, it’s possible to give your dog human CBD oil.

Here’s why:

Your dog (along with most other mammals) actually has the same system to process cannabinoids that you have.

This system is known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and it helps moderate a whole variety of bodily processes using endocannabinoids (like anandamide and 2-AG).

The CBD and other compounds found in CBD supplements stimulate this system by either activating or blocking the group of receptors it contains.

And that’s the same for humans, dogs, cats, horses, and most other mammals.

Many pet owners have used human CBD oil with their pets, especially when they first start experimenting with the supplement and want to gauge its effects.

However, most pet owners quickly move on to proper pet supplements.

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil can offer relief to many dogs who are suffering from various ailments. Studies show that by interacting with your dog's Endocannabinoid System, CBD may do several things such as reduce pain and inflammation, lower the severity of seizures, and help control anxiety. Oils designed for dogs are formulated with concentrations which make dosage very simple.

Things to Remember When Giving Your Dog Human CBD Oil:

If you plan to give your pet human CBD oil, there are a few things you’ll want to be mindful of.

Most importantly, you’ll want to know how to dose your oil and which way to administer it in order to ensure it delivers the effects you’re expecting.

How to Dose Human CBD Oil for Dogs:

CBD is a non-toxic compound, meaning it won’t produce any serious side effects should you give your dog too much of it.

However, CBD is known to have sedative-like effects in high doses, which can leave your dog feeling sleepy or lethargic.

In rare cases, too much CBD can also cause diarrhea, but that’s not very common.

Keep in mind that these effects are temporary and won’t cause your dog any lasting problems, but they’ll still cause some discomfort and should be avoided.

math equationIdeally, you’ll want to start your pet off on a small dose of CBD and then gently increase their dose over several weeks.

This ensures their body gets accustomed to the supplement and also gives you time to gauge your pet’s reaction.

Remember, every pet (just like every human) is different and may react to CBD differently.

The best way to work out your dog’s dosage is using their body weight.

Below is an outline of 3 different dosage strengths (low, medium, and high) you can use to help you dose your human CBD oil for your dog.

  • 0.05mg CBD x 0.5kg of body weight (low)
  • 0.125mg CBD x 0.5kg of body weight (mid)
  • 0.25mg CBD x 0.5kg of body weight (high)

For best results, give your dog 2 doses per day, ideally in the morning and night.

In order to get an exact dose, you’ll want to take the total strength of your CBD oil and divide it by the total amount of oil in the pack.

This will tell you how much CBD is in 1 ml of oil.

For example, a 30ml bottle of 125mg CBD oil contains 4.16mg of CBD per ml.

Given that a single drop from a dropper holds roughly 0.05ml, you can calculate that a single drop of oil contains 0.2mg of CBD.

From there, work out how many drops of oil your dog needs based on his/her body weight.

For example, a 30kg Labrador would need 15 drops of the oil I mentioned above.

A 10kg French Bulldog, on the other hand, would need only 5 drops.

How to Give Your Dog Human CBD Oil:

The best way to give your dog CBD oil is by administering it directly under his tongue.

This offers the fastest relief.

Alternatively, you can also add the oil to a treat or mix it directly into your dog's food.

Just keep in mind that CBD added to food has to pass through the digestive tract and can take up to 30 minutes (or longer) to take effect.

Keep Things Simple and Safe With CBD Pet Products

So, I’ve shown you that it’s possible to give your pet regular human CBD oil.

holista pet cbdHowever, if you’re really interested in giving your dog CBD as a regular part of their diet and health scheme, I recommend you stick to CBD pet products.

These products have been specially formulated for pets and are much easier to use and dose.

As I showed you above, human CBD oils tend to be much stronger than pet oils, and getting an accurate dose with these oils can be tricky.

Pet CBD oils, on the other hand, are much easier to use and usually come with detailed dosing info that makes it super easy to give your pet the right amount of oil every time.

Plus, many Pet CBD companies produce innovative products that allow you to use CBD in a variety of different ways rather than just as an oil.

2 brands that I like are HolistaPet and Honest Paws.

HolistaPet, for example, produces CBD-rich capsules, which are great for dogs or pets that don’t like the regular oil. These are one of their most popular products.

Honest Paws, on the other hand, produces oils, treats, chews, and CBD infused products like coconut oil and peanut butter which are very popular. Check out all their products here.

They also have the easiest dosage instructions that come with their oils. Check out their easy to use dosage chart:

Both these brands offer the best choice in CBD dog treats in my opinion.

This is a very popular form of CBD, and probably the easiest to use.

What's easier than giving your dog a tasty treat that he loves?

holistapet cbd dog treatsWhat I like best about HolistaPet's treats in particular is that they're priced really well (HolistaPet has the lowest prices on CBD in general), and they have the best options.

Their treats comes in 3 flavors that are designed to target specific ailments.

For example, you can get treats which have extra ingredients which help with your dog's anxiety, or you can go with a flavor which has ingredients that are designed for arthritis and joint pain.

Bottom line:

They're super easy to use and target specific health areas your dog might be struggling with. View HolistaPet's dog treats here.

For more info about CBD pet products and the benefits, they can offer your dog, make sure to check out my blog.

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