Blake and RosieHi I’m Blake Armstrong, the main contributor to this website.

This is the only real picture I want to post. I prefer to be a bit private and hide behind the cartoon pics 🙂

My story is a common one:

Our family had a Golden Retriever named Rosie.

As many pet owners can relate, Rosie was our first “child”.

She was a huge part of our family, and my wife Kim and I loved her to death.

“Man’s best friend?” Absolutely!

As many Golden Retrievers are, Rosie was also great with the kids as they grew up.

Here’s a picture of our growing family:


But as I know from growing up with dogs my whole life, they don't live forever, and losing a pet can be extremely tough. Having a pet get sick can be even worse.

Another factor that makes my story pretty common is that Rosie suffered from hip dysplasia and cancer.

After talking to so many other pet owners with Golden Retrievers, this was extremely common.

When I started researching online, I found thousands of dog breeds who all suffered from similar ailments.

So I can almost guarantee that whatever your situation is, you're not alone.

When Rosie was getting older, it was clear her hips were bothering her. After visiting the vet several times, we were also given the news that she had cancer. It was a sad time.

This is when someone recommended that we look into cannabis.

At First I Wasn't Sold on Cannabis

I will admit it:

I was a skeptic at first.

My excuse: I really didn't have any experience with cannabis.

But I'm proud to also admit that I'm extremely logical, or at least I think I am.

I really try and find a logical answer that makes sense.

So I began to wonder:

If so many people are seeing positive results from medical marijuana, I should really look into this approach for Rosie.

And so the Research Began...

The very last thing that I will admit to you is that I'm obsessed with researching new topics. If there's something new to learn, then I really want to learn ALL about it.

And this is how our website idea was formed:

Every bit of research I did on cannabis for pets, CBD oil and various products, I've tried to put together on this website in a very easy to read format.

No big words, just straight to the point.

We are very much a work in progress, however all our important articles will be grouped together in the top navigation, or on our blog.

What Have I Concluded?

Here's the bottom line:

This stuff works.

At the very least, if your pet is currently suffering from a wide variety of ailments (which I hope to discuss), then it's highly recommended you try this form of supplementation.

Stay in Touch


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So the absolute best way to ask questions and get answers is to join my private Facebook Group here:

It is the best place to interact with other pet owners who are using CBD.

cbd for pets facebook group cover photo

For other questions here is my email. Again, I generally don't reply to emails because I get too many. Please join the Facebook Group to get in touch. Thanks!