About Me: Blake Armstrong

Blake and RosieA few years ago, I got the news every pet owner dreads:

Rosie, my family’s Golden Retriever was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Our vets made it very clear from the get-go that there was no cure for Rosie’s condition.

As you can imagine, my family and I were devastated.

But, having lived with animals my whole life, I knew that our furry friends (like us) don’t live forever.

So, we set out to do exactly what our vets told us:

Try and give Rosie the best quality of life possible, with the remaining time she's here with you.

Luckily, Rosie’s vets were great and really took the time to run my wife and I through all the possible options we had for managing Rosie's condition.

These included simple lifestyle and dietary changes, but also chemotherapy, which to my surprise, isn’t as harsh on pets as it is on humans.

At first, Rosie seemed to be doing alright.

But as time went by, Rosie started to change...

dog with hip painThese changes were subtle at first:

She started to show some small signs of pain, and she seemed a little less mobile.

Rosie had also been diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a pup, and the pain in her hip seemed to be giving her more trouble as the cancer progressed.

Gradually, however, these changes became much more pronounced.

And when she was at her worst, Rosie seemed like a completely different dog.

Luckily, this was when my wife and I discovered CBD.

We were already familiar with CBD and its health benefits, but I must admit I was a bit hesitant about giving it to my pet.

However, after countless hours of research and numerous conversations with our vets, my wife and I decided to give it a try.

black and white photo of man and his dogAnd we’re so glad we did, because CBD really changed Rosie’s life.

It helped her with her pain, reduced the inflammation in her hip, improved her appetite, mobility, and much more.

I’ll be honest:

This stuff really gave Rosie the best possible quality of life in her last year with us.

And that’s all any pet owner could ever ask for.

Website Mission

After seeing what CBD did for our Rosie, I was convinced:

CBD works, and other pet owners need to know about it.

So, I built this website through which I aim to educate pet owners like myself about the health benefits of CBD for pets and guide them when buying CBD pet products.

I also review specific products and brands and earn small commissions when people purchase based on my recommendations.

You can read more about this in my Advertising Disclosure below.

Our Research Process

Once I learned that pet owners were giving CBD to their animals, I took it upon myself to learn as much about CBD as possible.

In order to help pet owners like you get informed about CBD, I share all of this research in my content.

In my blog articles, you'll find links to all kinds of different resources such as clinical trials, research papers, anecdotal evidence from other pet owners, and much more.

To ensure you only get the best info about CBD, I go through a rigorous process of reviewing all of the references in my articles, making sure they come from reputable sources.

When referencing studies, for example, I always make sure they come from esteemed journals and are placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, etc.

Advertising Disclosure

On my homepage, you'll find a collection of reviews of specific CBD products and brands.

I want to be very clear about the nature of these reviews:

I only review products that live up to the standards I have for any other supplement that I’d give my pets.

And trust me, I’m super fussy when it comes to my animals, and I only give them supplements or medications which I’d be willing to take myself.

Some of the things I look for in the CBD products I review include:

  • 100% Natural Ingredients: I only evaluate products made with 100% natural, hemp-derived CBD.
  • Organic: I want to make sure that the hemp used to make these CBD products was grown in a sustainable way.
  • 3rd Party Testing: I always look for CBD brands that have their products lab-tested or trialed by a 3rd party.
  • Mission: I love my pets, and I only review products by brands that share that same love and passion for animals.
  • Innovation: The CBD industry is booming, and I prefer to buy from companies that are working to further the industry and find new, innovative ways to use CBD with pets.

When my readers buy based on my reviews, I earn small commissions that go towards running this website which, as I’m sure you can imagine, gets pretty expensive.

However, I want to make it clear that I DO NOT get paid simply for reviewing or featuring brands on my website.

Plus, I only review and/or endorse products or services that I believe, based on my expertise, experience or research, are worthy of such endorsement.

Advertising Affiliations:

This website holds professional relationships with companies in the pet CBD niche. These relationships are affiliate arrangements to help my site earn commissions from linking to products and other websites.

This website earns a commission if a reader buys a product based on one of my reviews or recommendations.

However, if that same reader later returns the product they purchased because they are dissatisfied with it, I lose my commission.

This website doesn’t earn any kind of payment just for featuring or reviewing a product.

All our reviews are written based solely on my own opinions and/or experiences with the products in question.


This is an educational website with the aim of informing pet owners about CBD, its potential uses and benefits, and specific CBD products designed for pets.

We do not sell any products ourselves, and any questions you have about an order need to be sent directly to the company you bought from.

I also cannot provide you with medical or legal guidance, and my content does not constitute a medical or veterinary consultation.

If you’re thinking about using CBD with your pet, always speak to a qualified vet.

I am, like you, just a pet owner.

Any statements I make regarding the products featured on my site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the FDA has not approved the efficacy of any of the products I review on my site.

The products featured on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.


If you have general questions, email is not the ideal way to reach me.

The absolute best way to ask questions and get answers is to join my private Facebook Group here:


It is the best place to interact with other pet owners who are using CBD.

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