Discover the Best CBD Oil for Dogs, Puppies, Cats, and Other Pets

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The Top CBD for Pets

Here you will find a list of the best CBD oils for dogs.

We have ranked them based on personal use, and a lot of research. In 2018, we believe these are the best options for your puppy, an older dog, cats, horses and other pets. Check out the recommendations below.

Here's the list:

  1. King Kanine
  2. HolistaPet
  3. HempMy Pet
  4. Canna-Pet

1. King Kanine

king kalm cbd 300 mg bottleThis is one of the best options right now.

King Kanine has a long list of great pet products which contain high quality ingredients. They are all marketed for dogs.

They offer oils and CBD in other innovative forms such as sprays and balms. The company is really well known for their grooming tools as well.

They won a lot of great awards last year and they're certainly a brand you can trust. We like them as our #1 pick.

Visit their official website here.

2. HolistaPet

holistapet cbd pet tinctureHolistaPet is a newer company when compared to some other brands.

That being said, they are getting a lot of great reviews, and their prices are slightly better. If you want to save the most money, this is your best option.

They offer oils, treats and capsules, and even have treats for cats. Their CBD is sourced from hemp found in Colorado and they conduct lab testing with a third party to ensure their products are high quality.

This is becoming one of our favorite companies to recommend.

Visit their official website here.

3. HempMy Pet

hempmy pet cbd oilHempMy Pet is another new company.

Their products are organic and very high quality. If the source of ingredients is a priority for you, then HempMy Pet has an edge in our opinion.

They actually source and grow their own hemp to make their various CBD infused pet products, so you know exactly where they're getting their ingredients from.

HempMy Pet has gone to great lengths to ensure they produce pet products with very high standards. You can review their story to see how dedicated they are to quality.

Visit their official website here.

4. Canna-Pet

canna pet cbdCanna-Pet is recommend for US and UK residents.

This brand is listed here because they offer a variety of great products to choose from, and they've received a ton of positive feedback.

If you want the brand with the most customers and reviews, this is it.

They offer the most products for pets (dogs, cats and horses), along with great information. They are another supplier you can trust with your pet's health.

Their website is a really good resource for information regarding various breeds and particular ailments. They are the biggest company in this space, and their marketing is the best.

Visit their official website here.

CBD for Dogs: The Complete Guide

Blake Armstrong and his dog RosieHey I'm Blake Armstrong.

A few years ago I was in your position.

Our dog Rosie was sick, and we were told our vet couldn't help.

Our family was determined to make Rosie's last few years as enjoyable as possible.

Given the recent popularity of medical marijuana as alternative medicine, it wasn't long before someone recommended cannabis for pets.

Long story short, I dove in head first, and found that there can be a lot of confusion regarding exactly what you will be giving your pet:

But don't worry, I've researched all these questions and many more, and will continue to publish them on this website.

After I was convinced these supplements were worth a shot, we began supplementing with Rosie and it was totally worth it. Her quality of life was extremely enhanced through the use of CBD products. They definitely worked!

And as I dug deeper into the industry, I discovered thousands of pet owners who are thrilled to have discovered this form of supplementation.

So trust me, you're in the right place!

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